Goitom Fesshaye

Actor, Eritrea (Tigrinya)

Goitom joining Phosphoros Theatre was inevitable; he lived in the Supported Housing Project that Kate was managing (where early rehearsals took place), and his well-known singing and musical ability made drama an obvious choice. Whilst Goitom had never acted before, he had performed in front of many large audiences as a singer playing his Krar, a stringed instrument from Eritrea and Ethiopia. He has taken part in interviews on behalf of Phosphoros, including Njambe McGrath’s The Hot African Podcast and SOAS Radio. He has also assisted Kate to lead a drama workshop for 6th form students about refugees, as well as a workshop for his own classmates at College. Goitom is studying Media at college and has also taken part in work experience at Afghan Association Paiwand, and now lives on his own.

Goitom will be performing in Pizza Shop Heroes, 2018/201