Tewodros Aregawe

Actor and facilitator, Eritrea (Amharic)

Tewodros joined Phosphoros Theatre in 2017 after seeing Dear Home Office in performance and recognising the stories being told. As well as performing in Dear Home Office: Still Pending he is developing as a workshop facilitator and has co-led workshops with Kate and Syed on the topic of Unaccompanied Minors and best practice. He has worked with refugee youth groups, Local Authority Education and Mental Health professionals, and audience members after our shows. He has also represented Phosphoros in interviews, including Njambe McGrath’s The Hot African Podcast, and Canadian magazine L’actualité. He is a talented poet and performs regularly at Ethiopian community events, as well as at Bunker Beyond Borders. Tewodros is keen to have a career in the Media and in April 2018 was accepted into the Phoenix Cinema Arts into Industry programme, and continues to look for more opportunities to develop his skills.

Tewodros will be performing in Pizza Shop Heroes, 2018/2019