Emirjon Hoxhaj


Emirjon had only been in the UK for a matter of weeks when Phosphoros Theatre began meeting in the living room of the Supported Housing Project he lived in. He hadn’t done drama before but had an immediate interest in comedy and performance, plus had the need to make friends. Fast forward a matter of months and Emirjon was performing in Dear Home Office all around the UK. Emirjon has represented Phosphoros in interviews including ITN News, and Canadian magazine L’actualité and helped lead our social media campaign in Edinburgh in 2017. Emirjon is always the first to arrive at rehearsals and performances, and helps Juliet and Liam with setting up venues. He is also responsible for Phosphoros Theatre’s unusually large Albanian audience, and can be found taking selfies with his fans onstage after the show. He now lives on his own, works hard at college doing Electrical Installation and wants to work in construction in the future.

Emirjon is performing in Pizza Shop Heroes, 2018/2019.