Juliet Styles

Juliet studied Writing, Directing and Performance at University of York, then moved down to London to live with Kate. She started teaching drama at Afghan Association Paiwand’s supplementary school and continued to facilitate and volunteer on their youth and housing projects. She started as a venue technician at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, and subsequently worked as venue manager for the next 4 years. She then spent 2 years working in Arts Education and Participation in London. She currently co-ordinates the learning and participation work for Frantic Assembly, and project manages their national training programme for young men, Ignition. Juliet initially brought her technical skills to Phosphoros Theatre, and now also is responsible for production logistics. Juliet is known as the resident DJ at Phosphoros and curates all the playlists for the company. She has an excellent taste in music and can often be found at a gig or playing keys in local London bands.