Dear Home Office: Still Pending

MAY 2017 TO JUNE 2018

Photo by Charlie Ensor

Photo by Charlie Ensor

Our second show saw us involving three more young men from Eritrea, Afghanistan and Albania joining our cast, bringing the total to eleven. The company suggested stories for the new play based on their own experiences over the previous year, facing fresh challenges with housing, college, work, relationships and ongoing asylum claims. We also wanted to include a flavour of the extraordinary experiences that being in a theatre company has brought us: eleven London sell-out shows, meeting audiences from over fifty nationalities, multiple approaches to the cast from various Media to 'tell your Story'. 

Dear Home Office: Still Pending reflects the fact that the company are a year older, and still wanting to inform, educate and entertain audiences with our particular brand of lived-experience performance, passion and raw talent. 


Kareem’s settled in London, but the sudden arrival of his destitute brother forces him to re-navigate the system. Now 18 and independent, but with no refugee status, Elgi tries to stay optimistic despite his college prospects stalling. Failed asylum seeker Akram embarks on a stressful appeal until a chance connection might just be the thing that saves him. Stardom beckons for Filmon who is courted by TV producers – but is his face ‘refugee’ enough?

Created in partnership with Afghan Association Paiwand. Funded by Arts Council England with additional funds from the John Lyons Charity School Holiday Fund and LUSH Charity Pots.

Performed at:

Refugee Week (Southbank Centre), London
Pegasus Theatre, Oxford
South Street Arts Centre, Reading
Bunker Theatre, London
Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh
Pleasance Theatre, London
London Migration Film Festival
Bunker Theatre, London
Wickham Theatre, Bristol


‘An intimate and subtly poignant story told by those who rarely get their voices heard.’


‘Intimate, naturalistic, and with an agenda only to educate, this piece shows the everyday realities of coming of age in an uncertain homeland with grace, humour, and truth… By not aiming to elicit any audience response, it strengthens their connection to the material and therefore the overall impact of the narratives… By refusing to sensationalise the underage refugees’ struggles, Phosphoros Theatre strengthens its credentials and impact.’


‘Dear Home Office: Still Pending is fast-paced, witty and thoroughly entertaining while also being painfully real. It’s the authenticity in every element of the play that makes it so powerful. It leaves you far more informed about asylum-seekers than months of news coverage possibly could.’


‘This play is as emotive as it is educational…Phosphoros are a promising and unique theatre company who have crucial stories to tell. Their work on Dear Home Office: Still Pending is imaginative and bold. I hope to see them returning with more plays in future as they inevitably grow.’