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We believe that fostering a welcoming and tolerant society for refugees and migrants must start with empathy. Our drama based workshops for schools are aimed at children and young people with little knowledge of or friendships with refugee communities. We explore experiences of forced migration and debunk myths in a fun and sensitive way. Distressing news coverage may be overwhelming and confusing, but our workshops are about people, not headlines. Involving Syed and Tewodros’ good humour, approachability and openness, our workshops are a unique way to encourage students to think about the world around them.

We use devising techniques, creative writing, storytelling, music and stimuli to bring refugee stories to life, and encourage emotional, practical and creative responses. We have worked with Primary and Secondary age groups in schools, supplementary schools and other youth settings.

Here are what some of our schools groups have said:

‘I learnt that refugees have skills and a lot to offer the UK. Meeting someone like Syed helped me understand that’

‘Before today I knew refugees were people running away from their country. Now when I hear the word ‘refugee’ I will think of human beings’

‘Now I know what refugees go through on their journey for a better life and what they’re willing to sacrifice: dignity, family and home. To make refugees feel welcome I can listen more to their struggles’

‘I learnt about human rights and how refugees are treated in the UK’

‘I think more people like Syed should share their stories’

We are based in London but able to travel around the UK. Please get in touch for a quote.